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A well-oiled supply chain is critical to your bottom line. 

At NADC Group, we are committed to streamlining the movement of your products through innovative, flexible logistics services that help to save money and increase business productivity.

With decades of experience providing logistics management services to some of the biggest players in the retail and industrial markets, NADC Group has the knowledge, manpower and technology to help you turn over inventory faster and position yourself for lasting organizational growth. 

Worldwide Logistics Management Services
NADC Group’s international presence enables us to provide reduced costs and increased service levels to clients around the globe.  No challenge is too big for our team of qualified experts.  Let us work with you to construct a unique logistics solution that catapults your organization to new levels of efficiency.
A Single Source For All Your Logistic Services
From transportation and packaging to warehousing and inventory management, NADC Group provides comprehensive logistics services, including:

Truck Load & Container Load Shipping:  We ship everything from a single piece to a full truckload.  Because we ship a large volume of parcel  shipments, we can combine our volume to bring you greater discounts on freight rates.



International Drayage: We take care of everything from handling shipping and receiving documents to pickup and delivery and storage of extra inventory and shipping materials.



HAZMAT Shipments: Our drivers are certified to provide safe, timely and accurate deliveries for your hazardous materials.


  And More: Our comprehensive logistics management services include return goods processing, reverse logistics and a plethora of customized, cost-effective solutions to keep your products moving.

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